Fosters Freeze has been a California tradition since the mid 1940's. The Fosters story begins in 1946 when George Foster opened the first Fosters Freeze in Inglewood, California. He introduced the soft serve cone and a line of soft serve desserts.

The unique product became so popular that he opened a chain of restaurants. As California grew, so did the Fosters concept. Made-to-order hamburgers, fries and other food items were added to the menu.

Fosters Freeze truly could be described as California's first fast-food chain!



1. Who
Our Culture:
We represent California Positivity. We are authentic people with unwavering cheerfulness and wholesomeness. We try to make the world a better place for everyone - even if it's just for a moment. We promote our belief that simple pleasures are the key to happiness.
2. Why
Our Purpose:
To make people happy by providing some of life's simple pleasures - nothing ritzy - just the regular everyday happiness that Californian sunshine and ice cream brings



The Fosters Freeze franchise in Hawthorne, California is known to be the hamburger joint, where Beach Boys band member Dennis Wilson saw the girl in the Thunderbird he sang about in his song titled "Fun, Fun, Fun".